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We are from Earth. We exist because of Earth. Earth is nature. 



I feel like my artworks incorporate everything I feel and everything I think. 

It can feel overwhelming in the sense that they feel so full, and yet they are really simple. 


My artwork is inspired by the natural environment. The wild places untouched or seemingly untouched by human hands. My inspiration is really Earth itself. 

There is this connection to nature that I feel that overwhelms every other part of me, a soul-fulfilling connection and sense of peace that I become when I am in nature, meaning away from the human world. I like to feel less like one ego, and more a part of something that is completely indifferent to me yet gives me so much. 


Mountains to me are symbols of Earth's strength and indifference. It is timelessness, where things do not seem to change, where things constantly change. They are where I connect the most to nature. 

Yet I feel it in every wind that blows, bird that cries, in the storms, the light, the silence, the flowing water of the rivers, and the sun...


Time is a recurring theme in my poetry, and in my everyday existence. I feel it's steady beat in everything I do.  I feel my own mortality and the reality that I am just a ‘moment’.  I think this is a very human thing to do... we have an awareness of things that can make life hard if it cannot be accepted.  Time, is always on my shoulders, a weight that is just not connected to me personally but to all of humanity.


My current series of artworks from 2020 are inspired by connection... humanities connection to the Earth, which is our home. 

It is about Time. Moments in Time that are fleeting. Time as a circle that is never-ending. Time in the sense that, we are also just moments in the infinite turning of Times wheel.

So, Time is represented in my works through two symbols. The re-occurrence of birds, and the circle of sticks. 


Things are changing, things will change. And it is time for humanity to make decisive actions to save our planet and our ability to survive on this planet. 

I feel that humanity has not changed over the ages, the same things keep moving us, and with this is good and bad.  I feel that humanity has lost touch with nature. I feel that collectively we have forgotten, and see ourselves as separate to the natural world. It makes it less important, more abstract, and less tangible.  At a time when we need to protect and see ourselves as a part of nature, the further we move away and become more disconnected. 


So, my recent artworks are about connection. Remembrance. Understanding. Time, Transience. Empathy. 


Mediums that I am working with right now are powdered charcoal, graphite, and acrylic on canvas that is deliberately textured and un-framed. They are a mix of drawing and painting techniques combined. 

I am also starting to use and explore new mediums and ways of exhibiting. With video, sound, movement, and installation. This can be viewed on my website. I like to create immersive spaces, which is a continuation of willing that people can immerse themselves in the natural world through my art and that it gives them something back. 

And beginning just before the cover-19 shut down here in Tirol, to take my paintings into the mountains and exhibit them in the environment that inspires them. 

These things are a continuing exploration of my main themes of Time, connection, moments and nature.



When reality is replaced with dreams. 

When Earth is a memory

Look further, look deeper

And find her again. 

She is us, we are her

Since Time began

Until Time ends. 





b. Melbourne, Australia 1975



Outer Eastern College of TAFE, Diploma of Visual Art 1995



2022 Connection, Galerie ART-ECK Solingen, Germany. 

2019 Everything is Connected, Installation, Filmfest St.Anton, Austria.

2017 STILLE, Alpinarium, Galtür, Tirol, Austria. 

2014 LIght, Shadows, Silence -  Jessie Pitt - Kunst Werk Raum Mesnerhaus, Mieming, Austria.

2013 Jessie Pitt - Berge, Kooio - Forum für kunst und kommunikation, Innsbruck.

2011 Berge - Mountains, Bishofszimmer der Mesnerstube, Längenfeld, Austria.

2005 Mountains, Raffeisen Bank, St.Anton am Arlberg, Austria.



2022 Art Fair C.A.R with Galerie ART-ECK Solingen, Essen, Germany.

2022 Alpine Artzeit, Gurgl Curat, Obergurgl, Austria.

2022 Vernissage, HOSTED IN PARADISE, international symposium, Arlberger Kultur Tage, St.Anton am Arlberg, Austria.

2022 The Other Art Fair Melbourne, Australia.

2021 SLOW WAVE - Bridging time windows (video exhibition), WUK – IntaKt-Galerie, Vienna, Austria

2021 Vernissage, INSIDE OUT international symposium, Arlberger Kultur Tage, St.Anton am Arlberg, Austria

2020 From the Pages 2, Paradigm Gallery + Studio, Philadelphia, USA

2019 Kunststrasse Imst, Imst, Austria

2019 Everything is Connected, Installation, Filmfest St.Anton, St.Anton am Arlberg, Austria.

2019 SyArt Festival, Sorrento, Italy

2019 The Other Art Fair, London, UK

2018 The Other Art Fair, London, UK

2018 During the Filmfest St. Anton, St.Anton am Arlberg, Austria. 

2018 ARTLAB 20 Artists One Night, Galerie Benjamin Eck, Münich, Germany. 

2018 STILLE, No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

2018 The Other Art Fair Los Angeles, USA. 

2018 ArtRooms London, London, England.

2017/18 Sichtweisen, Thomas Defner and Jessie Pitt, Galerie Augenblick, Tannheim, Tirol, Austria.

2017 Kunststrasse Imst 2017, Imst Austria.

2017 The Other Art Fair London, London, England.

2017 Untitled, Traffic Jam Galleries, Sydney, Australia.

2017 'Ich am Gipfel. Einen Alpinfrauengeschichte', Frauenmuseum Meran, Meran, Italy.

2017 ...und die Berge schauen zu, Museum im Ballhaus, Imst, Tirol, Austria.

2017 The Other Art Fair, Sydney, Australia. 

2015-2016 'Ich,am Gipfel. Einen Alpinfrauengeschichte', Frauen Museum Hittisau, Vorarlberg, Austria. 

2016 'DOHIE - auf dieser seite', Jessie Pitt and Nicole Brugger, L - Arena, Längenfeld, Austria.

2015 Once Upon a Time When Mountains and Animals Were One, Jessie Pitt and Sabine Auer, Kleine Galerie - Piccola Galleria Bozen, Bozen/Bolzano, Italy.

2013 'The Story of the Creative', digital exhibition, collaborative 'See Me', See Me Exhibition space, New York.

2013 Freistaat Brugstein, part of the Dada exhibition, HTL Gallerie, Innsbruck.

2012/2013 Schafe Sind....?, Ambach info point, Ötztal, Austria.

2012 Mischmachine am horizont vor dem alpenland, Freistaat Burgstein Symposium, Kirchplatz'l Cafe and Bischofszimmer der Messnerstube, Längenfeld, Austria.

2012 VielseitDADA proben, kunstARTBozen, Hotel Grief, Bozen, Italy.

2012 Art und Weise, Picardsaal, Obergurgl, Austria.

2011 Open Art Code, Paris Art en Capital 2011, Salon des Artists Indépendants, Grand Palais, Paris.

2011 Open Art Code, Montecarlo gemluART2011, Auditorium Rainer III, Monaco.

2011 WAV - World Art Vision Barcelona 2011, Barcelona.

2011 Botshaften-6 Künstler - 5 Länder, Atelier Charlotte Kons, Schloss Liedburg, Germany.



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Open Art Code Artists, Studio Abba.

Freistaat Burgstein Artists.

Pro Vita Alpina



2022 HOSTED IN PARADISE, international symposium, Arlberger Kultur Tage, St.Anton am Arlberg, Austria.

2021 INSIDE OUT I ausleben - aufatmen - ausdrücken - Anteil nehmen - berühen, St.Anton am Arlberg, Austria

2013 Simposio D'Arte in Sila 1/7 Luglio 2013, Calabria, Italy.

2012 Freistaat Burgstein Symposium, 'Mischmachine am horizont vor dem alpenland', Gries, Ötztal.


2016 ARTeVENT, Artist in Residence 7 - 14th August 2016, Vent, Austria.



Ötztal Heimat Museum 


Australia, Austria, Spain, USA, Brazil, Germany, Holland, Norway, England, Ireland, France, Italy, Switzerland, Holland.... 


2021 and 2022 Team member, Inspiring Girls on Ice Austria. Glaciers, science, nature and art.

2021/2022 Across the Alps Exhibition, as part of Pro Vita Alpina and in collaboration with the Alpine Convention, the Alpenverein Austria and Land Tirol. 

2018/2019 Kunststrasse Imst, as part of the organisational team from Pro Vita Alpina.

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