1975 Melbourne, Australia.

I am a contemporary landscape artist whose main focus is mountains and have been living in mountainous areas between Australia and Austria for many years.   


Currently I am working predominantly in monotones between black and white, with touches of blue. Inspired by the connection between the mountains, light and clouds. Which create such beautiful moods both dramatic and subtle. 

For me it is not a goal to be hyper-realistic, but portraying mountains and conveying the mountains in they way I see and feel them, how they speak to me in their constantly changing moods, through influences of light and cloud, and seasons. Like painting the soul of the mountains, and also being closely connected with my own life experiences. Conveying a mood is an important part of the overall artwork.

Increasingly my art is becoming symbolic of humanities connection to nature, that we need to remember that we are a part of nature. Not seperate to nature. That we are one and that everything is connected. 
I believe that the collective humanity need to remember, connect and move to protect and repair the damage that we have done to survive into the future on a planet worth living on. We are of the earth.

We have only earth. 

I work with various mediums to create finished artworks, these being a mixture of drawing and painting. Mediums include charcoal, graphite, drawing ink, acrylic on canvas or paper, and currently now working predominantly on un-stretched canvas. The texture of the material is an important part of the finished artwork. I build each

artwork up in layers, trying to also get a depth and translucency in the artworks.


Outer Eastern College of TAFE, Diploma of Visual Art 1995



2019 Everything is Connected, Installation, Filmfest St.Anton, Austria.

2017 STILLE, Alpinarium, Galtür, Tirol, Austria. 

2014 LIght, Shadows, Silence -  Jessie Pitt - Kunst Werk Raum Mesnerhaus, Mieming, Austria.

2013 Jessie Pitt - Berge, Kooio - Forum für kunst und kommunikation, Innsbruck.

2011 Berge - Mountains, Bishofszimmer der Mesnerstube, Längenfeld, Austria.

2005 Mountains, Raffeisen Bank, St.Anton am Arlberg, Austria.



2020 From the Pages 2, Paradigm Gallery + Studio, Philadelphia, USA

2019 Kunststrasse Imst, Imst, Austria

2019 Everything is Connected, Installation, Filmfest St.Anton, St.Anton am Arlberg, Austria.

2019 SyArt Festival, Sorrento, Italy

2019 The Other Art Fair, London, UK

2018 The Other Art Fair, London, UK

2018 During the Filmfest St. Anton, St.Anton am Arlberg, Austria. 

2018 ARTLAB 20 Artists One Night, Galerie Benjamin Eck, Münich, Germany. 

2018 STILLE, No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

2018 The Other Art Fair Los Angeles, USA. 

2018 ArtRooms London, London, England.

2017/18 Sichtweisen, Thomas Defner and Jessie Pitt, Galerie Augenblick, Tannheim, Tirol, Austria.

2017 Kunststrasse Imst 2017, Imst Austria.

2017 The Other Art Fair London, London, England.

2017 Untitled, Traffic Jam Galleries, Sydney, Australia.

2017 'Ich am Gipfel. Einen Alpinfrauengeschichte', Frauenmuseum Meran, Meran, Italy.

2017 ...und die Berge schauen zu, Museum im Ballhaus, Imst, Tirol, Austria.

2017 The Other Art Fair, Sydney, Australia. 

2015-2016 'Ich,am Gipfel. Einen Alpinfrauengeschichte', Frauen Museum Hittisau, Vorarlberg, Austria. 

2016 'DOHIE - auf dieser seite', Jessie Pitt and Nicole Brugger, L - Arena, Längenfeld, Austria.

2015 Once Upon a Time When Mountains and Animals Were One, Jessie Pitt and Sabine Auer, Kleine Galerie - Piccola Galleria Bozen, Bozen/Bolzano, Italy.

2013 'The Story of the Creative', digital exhibition, collaborative 'See Me', See Me Exhibition space, New York.

2013 Freistaat Brugstein, part of the Dada exhibition, HTL Gallerie, Innsbruck.

2012/2013 Schafe Sind....?, Ambach info point, Ötztal, Austria.

2012 Mischmachine am horizont vor dem alpenland, Freistaat Burgstein Symposium, Kirchplatz'l Cafe and Bischofszimmer der Messnerstube, Längenfeld, Austria.

2012 VielseitDADA proben, kunstARTBozen, Hotel Grief, Bozen, Italy.

2012 Art und Weise, Picardsaal, Obergurgl, Austria.

2011 Open Art Code, Paris Art en Capital 2011, Salon des Artists Indépendants, Grand Palais, Paris.

2011 Open Art Code, Montecarlo gemluART2011, Auditorium Rainer III, Monaco.

2011 WAV - World Art Vision Barcelona 2011, Barcelona.

2011 Botshaften-6 Künstler - 5 Länder, Atelier Charlotte Kons, Schloss Liedburg, Germany.



Ulrich Leitner (HG), Berg und Leute-Tirol als Landschaft und Identität, Innsbruck University Press 2014, p.339-353.

Abba, Vito, Studio Abba Yearbook, Studio Abba 2012, p.47.



Open Art Code Artists, Studio Abba.

Freistaat Burgstein Artists.

Pro Vita Alpina



2013 Simposio D'Arte in Sila 1/7 Luglio 2013, Calabria, Italy.

2012 Freistaat Burgstein Symposium, 'Mischmachine am horizont vor dem alpenland, Gries, Ötztal.


2016 ARTeVENT, Artist in Residence 7 - 14th August 2016



Ötztal Heimat Museum 


Australia, Austria, Spain, USA, Brazil, Germany, Holland, Norway, England, Ireland, France, Italy, Switzerland, Holland.... 


© 2019 by Jessie Pitt Art. 

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