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I will be exhibiting during the Snow Safety Festival in Winterthur in Switzerland on the 2nd of November please follow the link for more information. 


I will be exhibiting during the Kunststraße Imst 2019 from the the 30th of November until the the 15th of December 2019.

I will be presenting an artwork approximately 5 m x 2.10 m to be hung outside on a wall in the town of Imst.

This work is currently in process. 

Read about ideas behind the work here: 


„The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together. “

William Shakespeare 1546 -1616 [IV.iii.(83)]


“Time beats ever on.

We are just travellers in caught in Time’s Web.

As the wheel keeps turning.”

Jessie Pitt 2019


We are, humanity, just a blink of an eye in Earth’s history. And Time stretches out in both directions, infinite. And I wonder often, about existence. Life is a strange and wonderous thing. That we as humans seem to struggle with, in the past, in the present and I imagine in the future too.

It seems crazy that we can have such a huge effect on our planet. On all lifeforms and on the climate. Like a nightmare that we all live in each day, it is a surreal state to exist in.

It is hard to acknowledge.

We are a part of this planet.


We are connected to the complicated and beautiful web of life on this planet. Yet we often seem to disconnect ourselves and set ourselves apart from the rest of life here, and as a result our actions affect this web, where one thing affects the other, and so on.

We need to change. We need to look back and look forwards and learn from the past, from the present, and try to learn from the future before it is too late.

I am not here to tell someone how to be.

Only to remind people of who we are.


The natural world is a place of strength and indifference.

The mountains are strength, and indifference. They stand like sentinels and watch as we come and go. As the moon and sun rise and set and the stars beam their light through the night sky. As ice grows and melts. As the snows come and go. As the seasons change again and again.

It seems so untouchable, so endless, so timeless, never ending.


Yet things are changing, we are changing things.



This artwork is a continuation of my work from my installation in St.Anton.

That we are one. Earth and humanity are connected.

Travellers on the strange Web of Time, were we are held in place, as the wheel turns.


And as William Shakespeare said,

 „The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together. “