Suspended in Time's Silent Web


75 x 116 cm 

graphite, ink and acrylic on un-stretched canvas


I am in a stage of my life where I feel like I am not moving, I have always had something with Time. And in a way I feel like I am suspended in a moment of Time, over which I have no control. And so this mountain is there, but not there, seen but almost in a shimmer that it could at any moment disappear. 
Birds symbolise Time. They can symbolise me or someone that I am thinking on. Or sometimes all these things at once... 

This is one in my new series Blue, that has just organically begun this year as a continuation from what I have been doing last year. 

Suspended in Time's Silent Web

  • Framing

    All my artworks are sold without frames. 

    Please contact me if you would like advice on framing.