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This is an ongoing series and they depict a time from these glaciers that no longer exists. It symbolises in a way, the changes that are happening more rapidly each year in one affected part of the environment of earth. They depict the ice that I see so far from glaciers in Ötztal, in Tirol, Austria. This series of work is focused on documenting glaciers, when a work is finished, this moment captured is already a memory.. I started this series 2 years ago and it is a response to glacier loss. And now, we are losing the remaining glaciers in Austria at a rate faster than ever recorded, this summer I walked on a glacier with no snow, only water on its surface.. a past winter with not much snow, Sahara sand, and an abnormal hot summer has accelerated an already fast process. An excerpt from an Austrian news article: ‘MELT THREE TIMES AS FAST AS ON AVERAGE’ As figures now show, the glacier meltdown in 2022 was indeed extreme. In just one summer, the glaciers sometimes lost more than three times as much mass as the average of the last 30 years. Instead of one metre, three metres of the ice layer literally went down the stream this year, the two glaciologists Andrea Fischer and Hans Wiesenegger report.' ORF article, 26. Oktober 2022, 8.15 Uhr

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