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The idea is about humanities connection to nature through Time,. The past, present and the future. That we need to remember that we are a part of nature and not seperate to nature. That we are on and that everything is connected. Since time began, until it ends. 

I believe that the collective humanity need to remember, re-connect and move to protect and repair the damage that we have done to survive into the future on a planet worth living on. We are of the Earth and we only have the Earth. 

I was invited during the Filmfest St.Anton to exhibit in the huge space. Extremely inspired this installation consisted of paintings, video, poetry and rice paper birds


Tell me who you are.

That light that hides behind Time. 

Come back and remind humanity of where they come from. 

Not born of machines,

But of Earth and water.

Light and darkness. 

From Time and Earth itself. 

When reality is replaced with dreams. 

When Earth is a memory

Look further, look deeper

And find her again. 

She is us, we are her

Since Time began

Until Time ends. 


Beat of wings

Whispers in shadows

Here once

Then gone. 


Time that stands still

History that has seen this before. 

I have before. 

Wheel turns. 


Moving light. 

Silent flight. 

Shadows in Time. 

And the world said come this way, 

I said ok. 

Wandering in the deserts of silence

I heard you calling through time. 

Birds soar above, calling me. 

And the Earth said

You are here, be, 

We are one. We are free. 

Love is just a whisper,

Existing in stories where once I too existed. 

I swim deep, diving into an endless ocean

Water caresses my skin

And I feel my soul breathe. 
Weightless, air, breath.

Sunlight sparkles above, sinking into the deep blue. 

Time laughs at me, seeing a fool who has never learned. 

Ignoring it I float to the surface, 

Close my eyes. 

I am air, breath.

I breathe and open my eyes. 

The wind whispered to me that you were here,

But as I look out into the mountains all I see is space. 

And endless stories. 

As Time beats against my soul.

Some people are meant to be solitary,

Even when their blood runs with love. 

And their heart runs deep. 

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