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Moments of Nature and Time that could have been at any point in Earth's history., disconnected from humanity. They are not about us, but about Earth. 

Which is also us... A strange concept. But everything is connected and everything that exists now is because Earth exists. 
We come and we go... yet these things are a constant. 


Existence is weird, and our lives are relatively short. Things that are more constant were there before us and will be there after us... 
It is a way of perceiving the world around us, and realising what is really important. Earth. 

They are moments of peace, and moments of connection. 
Moments where Time stands still. 

Human civilisations and beliefs have risen and fallen, scattered, these moments are the constant. 

This series is inspired from the environment where I live, things I see and experience within nature. And I can see that this series will continue, as I will continue to collect moments.  

I believe, when we take the time to pause, listen then we can feel the connection again to the bigger system of nature and earth. This is beyond religion, I do not even see it as spiritual. I just see it as the reality that we are existing in, and the reason why we exist at all. 

Everything we do has a reaction that echoes out, I think we need to realise and choose what reaction we would like to achieve. 

GLACIER MELT Bachfallenferner/1 2022 - Exhibition GLACIER MEMORIES/vergangene gletscher momente 2023 
GLACIER MELT Bachfallenferner/3 2022
GLACIER MELT Bachfallenferner/2 2022
GLACIER MELT Bachfallenferner/4 2022
TIME 1 - Installation/ Everything is Connected 2019
TIME 3 - Installation/ Everything is Connected 2019
TIME 2 - Installation/ Everything is Connected 2019
POEM: MORTALITY, 2020 - spoken poetry
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