100 x 65 cm 

graphite, ink and acrylic on un-stretched canvas 


I was inspired by the simplicity of the light and the shadows. And by the mood that arises from image. 
I aspire to convey moods and emotions that I feel when I am in the mountains over to the viewer. 
I use the canvas like a piece of paper, it is not stretched as I like the texture that I can create with the canvas. This is also because my artworks are drawings and paintings combined and it works better for me this way to create the piece how I would like to, how I envision it.


  • Framing

    All my artworks are sold without frames.

    Please contact me if you would like advice on framing. 

  • Spring Sale 30% on selected originals

    SRING SALE on selected artworks and new prints (lino and drypoint)

    I am raising money to support my ongoing project CONNECTION.
    Such as production costs and support from outside people to make it possible, such as my 5 metre painting a few weeks ago. 

    A 30% discount on selected artworks.

    Small drypoints and linocuts prices will be between 80 and 150 Euro.

    Available on my website, and through Instagram 

    I like the idea of art funding more art and will be grateful for any support ️

    A series started in 2020 where I bring my art back into the places that inspired them

    Everything is connected.
    Moments, connection, Time. Earth and humanity, and our connection and transience in Time and to Earth.